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Taking Back Control

The secret sauce to conflict resolution is keeping your cool. That doesn’t mean hide your emotions but try to change your outlook. If someone is bullying you don’t look at it as an opportunity to get beat down emotionally or physically. Instead, when ever you get bullied, look at that moment as a chance to help someone who is lashing out for help. People bully because they lack control, confidence, or the skills to be kind. We must take it upon ourselves to bullyproof ourselves by not looking at that person as a bully, but a fellow peer who must be going through a rough time. When you treat the bully with kindness you prevent them from being a bully! What’s that mean? They can’t bully you if you refuse to feel bullied. Practice controlling your temper and mastering your emotions to prevent anyone else from being able to control you. We can only control ourselves unless we let someone else do it for us