You can support our mission by donating any of these needed items.

Books Children’s Books Appropriate for birth – 12

New or gently used

Parents and caregivers read to their children in the playroom while they wait for their therapy appointments. Sometimes we give a copy of the same book to both a foster parent and a natural parent; this allows the parents to call or facetime with the child and read a story together from two different homes.
Infant Board Books New or gently used These are given to families with new babies that do not have books.
Art Supplies for Child Therapy Dry Erase Boards, Washable Dry Erase Markers, Dry Erasers 4 sets of each

11 x 17 boards

Multiple colors

Art is a frequent tool used in therapy for families to process events and feelings.  Often, children are able to express things through art that they cannot express in words.


Multiple sets are welcome of any listed item. Art supplies are often single-use items, so we have an ongoing need for supplies.

Blank Canvases 9 x 12

8 needed

Sakura Gel Pens Multiple sets
Wood Box ready to decorate 6” x 4” x 2”

Multiple sets; $6 each

for Adult Therapy Journals, Adult Coloring Books, Markers These are aids to help clients stay emotionally present in groups and other services while processing difficult information.
for Group Therapy White Cardstock or Poster Board These supplies are needed to support client learning during group services.  We serve approximately 700+ people each year through our group curriculums, so we use many of these items each week.
Highlighters, Pens, Pencils, Markers
Single Pocket Folders with Brads Purple, Blue & Green

Plastic is preferable

for Parents Cards and Postage Stamps Blank on the inside

Happy scenes on front

Cards are needed for parents to send letters to their children who are in foster care. Communication despite distance is a key element in rebuilding hurt relationships.
Safe Touch Coloring Books positivepromotions.com

$20 for 25 books

These coloring books are helpful tools for parents and children to talk about safe body boundaries.
Baby Basic Needs Diapers Newborn to age 5 These baby supplies are for our families in crisis who are unable to utilize other resources at that time. By helping parents meet these essential needs for their children, we are upholding the part of our mission focused on preventing child neglect.
Formula Any type
Clothing Newborn to 5T

New or gently used

Pack-n-Plays For safe sleep

New or gently used

New Mother Needs Body Lotion While on home visits, our nurses give tote bags full of diapers and handouts to the new mothers.
Body Wash
Tote Bags New or gently used
Thermometers As many as possible These will be used for basic health check-ups for new mothers.
Breast Pumps 15 Manual & 5 Electric
Toys Developmental Toys For children birth – 12

New or gently used

Fisher Price, Playskool, Little Tykes

Toys are used in our home-visits to assist with the development of parenting skills and to ensure that kids are living in developmentally-supportive environments. We also frequently replenish our playrooms with toys for the families to use while they are waiting for appointments.
Technology Mobile TV with DVD Player Included 24” screen We are hoping to replace the outdated video equipment that is currently used for individual therapy sessions.
2 Sets of New Nurturing Parent Videos nurturingparenting.com

Title: Parents & Their School-Age Children 5-11 Years-DVD (NP1DVD); $375 per set

These DVDs are part of the most common group curriculum for adult parents.  Multiple sessions of this group occur each week, requiring multiple facilitators to share these DVDs.  Over time, the DVDs become scratched and need to be replaced.
200 Parent Workbooks for Nurturing Parenting Title: Parents and Their School-Age Children 5-11 Years; $25 each Each parent assigned to the Nurturing Parenting Group receives a workbook purchased by PCCT.
 Client Supplies Bus Passes & Bus Tokens tulsatransit.org/fares-passes These will be given to families in need of help with transportation to appointments.  Transportation is one of the biggest barriers our clients face in accessing PCCT services — many families have multiple required appointments per week, but do not possess a vehicle or family support for assistance with rides.
Family Outing Passes Tulsa Zoo: tulsazoo.org


Jenks Aquarium:  okaquarium.org/visit/tickets

These passes support our parents’ ability to spend quality time with their children.
Backpacks for Clients Include planner or calendar, notebook, pens, resource list;

New or gently used bags

Backpacks help PCCT staff support clients who lack the resources to improve their organizing and planning skills.
Visit Bags Include diaper bags, wipes, non-perishable & peanut-free child snacks, board books;

New or gently used bags

These will provide the basic resources to help parents improve their ability to meet their children’s needs.
Group Refreshment Packages Bottled water & non-perishable snacks;

10 people per group & 12 total active groups

Many clients suffer from food insecurity, and our groups are typically held over the dinner hour. Making food available during the sessions would help increase attention to presented materials.
Gift Cards QuikTrip

(any denomination)

Gas money enables adults to attend their appointments and secure transportation to other resources in the community. If they do not already possess a vehicle, the gift cards help compensate a friend/family member for gas costs.
Agency Needs 2-3 Vacuums Rechargeable handheld or upright vacuums Vacuums help keep the playrooms clean between sessions (they are often used for the areas around the sand trays).
Light Covers For Fluorescent Lights in Playrooms

8 needed; $30 each

This will reduce brightness for many of our clients who are sensitive to bright lights.

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