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The Parent Child Center of Tulsa’s vision is that every parent have the knowledge and skills to protect, nurture and provide for their own child.

We build PATHWAYS OF HOPE for our clients so that they may meet their goals. We understand that families struggle with a variety of obstacles and unexpected life events and we are here to help!


Children: All children are individuals who deserve to be loved, nurtured, and protected.
Family: Children belong with their family whenever safely possible.
Humanity: People can change for the better when given the opportunity.
Compassion: Compassion is key to understanding the struggles families face.

Our Programs


KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Professional community educators present age-appropriate puppet programs to equipping elementary school students with knowledge and skills and empowering them to seek help from trusted adults.

BRIGHT BEGINNINGS: Nurse Educators teach parents of newborns safe techniques for coping with challenging infant behaviors, such as calming an inconsolable crying baby and the dangers of shaking a baby.  The program emphasizes the importance of talking, singing, and reading to their infant as part of a nurturing parent-child relationship and healthy brain development.


POSITIVE PARENTING: Professional staff present home-based Parents As Teachers® programs to improve child health and well-being, increase home safety, and teach effective parenting skills.

FAMILY CONNECTS: Community-based nurse educators support new parents in caring for their newborn(s), offer physical assessments of the mother and baby, identify parents’ and babies’ needs, and help to identify community services or resources that can meet those needs.

SAFECARE®: Professional staff present intensive home-based parent education for pregnant women and parents of children ages 0-5 who have experienced risk factors such as substance abuse, mental illness, developmental delay or domestic violence.


COUNSELING SERVICES FOR ADULTS, CHILDREN, AND FAMILIES: Professional licensed therapists work with families to address problems related to current or past abuse and parenting issues. Therapists specialize in the treatment of infants and young children and offer parent and child relationship-based services for infants and young children who have been abused or neglected, who have witnessed violence in their home, who have been exposed to trauma or who have serious behavior problems that increase their risk for abuse or neglect. Therapists also offer group counseling services including Circle of Security™ and Nurturing Parenting™.


ANTI-BULLYING COLLABORATION: A 30 partner collaborative promoting a safe, civil, and respectful community by preventing bullying among children, youth, and adults and equipping teachers to respond.

FAMILY SAFETY CENTER: A Parent Child Center of Tulsa child therapist is embedded at FSC to provide in-the-moment assessment, support and referral for children whose families seeks assistance for protective orders in cases of domestic violence.

SAFE BABIES COURT TEAM: A community collaboration approach, guided by ZERO TO THREE, which improves outcomes for maltreated infants and toddlers in state custody – and their parents – by achieving safer, faster and better reunifications or adoptions.