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Hope Research

The Parent Child Center of Tulsa integrates innovative research on HOPE into the services we provide in the community.

The concept of HOPE is a chief research interest of Dr. Chan Hellman at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Center for Applied Research for Nonprofit Organizations. PCCT has found that the HOPE research fits within our focus on child abuse and neglect prevention. HOPE builds upon the strengths that our service recipients bring with them when they enter into our services.

In this conceptualization of HOPE, three elements are necessary in order for a person to have high hope. The person must:

  1. Have a goal;
  2. See pathways to pursue to achieve those goals; and
  3. Have the mental energy or motivation to travel down the pathways toward the goals despite obstacles.

During 2010, PCCT did an agency-wide survey of our clients including gathering information about HOPE. Dr. Hellman studied that information and confirmed that our services make a difference in the lives of the families we serve. The Parent Child Center of Tulsa has since integrated the PATHWAYS OF HOPE research into all our programming and outcomes measurement. CLICK HERE to read that report.

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