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Feelings are Important

Feelings are important when it comes to bullying. Those who bully play and prey on your emotions. The want to get a rise out of you, cause you to lose your cool, and in turn feel comforted knowing they have complete control. It is perfectly normal for a kid to feel anxious, sad, or mad when they are getting picked on. We do not teach kids not to feel or their emotions. It is vital that we acknowledge our feelings. What we do encourage is not forfeiting your power to the bully by letting them control your feelings. If you feel sad or anxious, get out of there an breath. Regulate your emotions before you try to start applying reason. We teach kids to never act in malice and torture those who bully with success! What’s that mean? We all want to win. If we blow up on a bully they win. If we go and beat them up, it may feel like we win but at what cost and who’s expense? Instead we throw the people who bully us off their game by building them up. Leaning into and laughing off cruel jokes, giving the person bullying compliments, and even walking away sets that person bullying up for success. You prevent them from getting in trouble, you open yourself to be there for them to open up, and you may even become friends!