PCCT Ambassador Report

PCCT Nursing Programs from a New Perspective – A PCCT Board Ambassador Report

NURSING PROGRAMS Chris Smith, M.D. Board Member January 23, 2020 The Period of PURPLE crying…the period in the first few months of life when a baby may experience a Peak in crying, comes and goes Unexpectedly, they Resist soothing, have a Pain-like expression on their face, may be Long-Lasting, and…...

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The Impact of Kids on the Block – A Program Ambassador Report

Kids on the Block (KOB) by John F. Grace, CPA/ABV/CFF Board member March 27, 2019 I remember playing with hand puppets when I was a child. My little brother, Peter, who had Down syndrome, had a special relationship with Ernie, his Sesame Street puppet. They were inseparable. Peter talked to…...

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