Anti Bullying Collaboration

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and the Anti-Bullying Collaboration (ABC), a Collective Impact Project of The Parent Child Center of Tulsa, is leading the way fostering bully free schools and communities.  The statistics are staggering.  One in five (21.3%) Oklahoma high school youth were bullied at least once while…...

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Back To School With Intention

Back To School With Intention July 31, 2018 By Steve Hahn, PCCT – Anti-Bullying Collaboration Director With two teenagers in the house set to return to school on August 15th, the count-down is on to get as much “fun” in as we can before the first hour bell calls our…...

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Together, Tulsa says “NO” to Bullying! – A Program Ambassador Report

Anti-Bullying Collaboration (“ABC”) by Jon M. Lawrence, PCCT Board Secretary Merriam-Webster defines bullying as “the abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc.: the actions and behavior of a bully.” When is the last time that you left home without your cell phone? How about the last time…...

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