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Prevent Bullying.. Act Today and Call you legislator on HB 1661

Info Courtesy Dan Arthrell / Children’s Consortium of Tulsa 


On House Agenda for a hearing today after 12:48 pm (a 24 hour layover is required)

If it is not heard today it will be on the floor agenda tomorrow (deadline for House consideration of House bills)

We’ve talked to almost 40 legislators to date.

Since most of you have not been able to go to the capitol to advocate for HB 1661 Safe Schools & Bullying Prevention we ask that you contact legislators today.

1.     Call 1-800-522-8502 and ask for the House member you are calling.

2.     You will be transferred to their office. Tell the Representative’s Executive Assistant

a.     Your name

b.     What you are calling about, “I’m calling concerning HB 1661 Bullying Prevention in schools.”

c.      Say what you want, “I ask that Representative ______________ vote YES on HB 1661.”

d.     If your call is to your own Representative be sure to let the Executive Assistant know you are a constituent and provide your address to show that you are one.

e.     Provide your phone number for questions

f.       Thank them for their attention to this important issue. 

Please call at least three or four Representatives. It won’t take more than 7-12 minutes out of your day.

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