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Parent Child Center Launches Commercial and Web Site Opposing Cuts to Child Abuse Prevention In Oklahoma

The Parent Child Center ​of Tulsa posted on the ​web site a short video ​highlighting the frightening ​proposed elimination of Oklahoma’s Office of Child Abuse Prevention.

Direct link to the commercial:

Oklahoma’s Office of Child Abuse Prevention provides ​in-home services for babies and toddlers who are at risk for child abuse and neglect. Some services are provided by the State Department of Health nurses called “Children First” and some services are provided by child development specialists working in community-based nonprofits across the state.

These nonprofits have different names but they contract with the State Department of Health as a “Start Right” program. Start Right programs – such as Healthy Families at The Parent Child Center of Tulsa – ​are effective in ​strengthening family functioning, increasing parenting knowledge and skills, and improving child safety and healthy child development.

Dr. Terry Cline, commissioner of the Oklahoma State Department of Health​,​ says that further state budget cuts could lead to eliminating​ the Office of Child Abuse Prevention. This translates to a significant or complete loss of funds for ​13 community-based nonprofits across the state who are on the front lines of ​reducing the risks for abuse ​and neglect ​that has held Oklahoma back for years.

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