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Joy and Hope for the Holidays from Nursing Director Jenny Fairchild

During this holiday season and beyond, our Tulsa Family Connects team has a lot to be thankful for and celebrate. The program is serving more and more families, and creating connections to meet needs.  We’re building strong partnerships with Hillcrest Medical Center and The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and clinics, in addition to other community agencies and clinics.  Our team has also had the opportunity to learn with each other, and work side by side for a few months and have built strong relationships with one another.  In nursing, the term “sink or swim” is used to describe what a new nurse or a nurse who’s new to a team might experience. The nurse is essentially on their own to be successful, and peer support is limited or can be non-existent.  I’m thrilled to share that our team has developed a true camaraderie, supporting one another, cheering for one another and believing that we make a difference together. No “sink or swim” mentality here!  What makes this happen are the people….such a great group!  We have also welcomed an additional bilingual RN, Xiomara Ortiz-Loop.  We’re blessed that Xiomara has joined our team and the program can serve a higher number of Spanish-speaking families.
The Parent Child Center of Tulsa Family Connects nursing team
Our family wishes yours a beautiful holiday season as we look forward to what 2018 will bring.

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