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The Parent Child Center of Tulsa’s Supervised Visitation (SV) Program is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network, a membership organization of professionals who provide supervised visitation and access services to families. PCCT’s SV Program and the Supervised Visitation Network send our condolences to all of the victims of the Powell family tragedy in Washington.

It is impossible to know if this senseless crime could have been prevented, but tragedies such as these highlight the need for increased awareness and education about how important it is to have properly trained and resourced supervised visitation providers available to courts and child welfare agencies serving high risk families. Recently, OKDHS in Tulsa County began contracting with PCCT’s SV Program to provide Supervised Visitation services.
PCCT’s Supervised Visitation Program and other members of the Supervised Visitation Network understand that quality visitation time with a non-custodial parent is critically important for a child. At the same time, when supervised visits have been ordered for reasons determined by the court, working with a parent who has lost custody of their child can present unique emotional and physical safety risks that require careful preparation and training of those providing this service.

Oklahoma does not have any statutes or legislation governing how supervised visitation services are provided, and there is no certification for SV providers. However, The Parent Child Center of Tulsa’s SV Program has voluntarily adopted SVN’s international standards of quality that address all aspects of the provision of services, including strict guidelines for providing safety and security for all participants. These standards are posted at

For more information about PCCT’s Supervised Visitation Program, please call 918-599-7999.

Original Story via CNN – Authorities: Powell spread gasoline, sent e-mails ahead of fatal fire

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