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2014 Oklahoma Kids Count Data Book

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has released the 25th Edition of The Kids Count Data Book, which assesses child well-being throughout the U.S. by examining national trends among 16 key indicators.  You can read the full report here.  Below we have compiled links to various sites covering the report. 

From the Tulsa World – Includes comments from PCCT Executive Director, Desiree Doherty.

“It’s hard to describe the fundamental, lifelong impact that extreme poverty in childhood has on that little one’s ability to learn and thrive,” said Desiree Doherty, executive director of the Parent Child Center of Tulsa. “If we don’t help parents gain economic stability for their family, we are essentially condemning children to another generation in poverty.

“The way for children to have a brighter future is if their parents can gain some economic stability.”

A 13 percent reduction in births among teens ages 15-19, a decrease in the overall teen birthrate and a 20 percent improvement in the child and teen death rate are among the positive trends listed in the report.

“We are making progress, but other states are making more progress. When our economy in Oklahoma is strong and children should be thriving, we’ve got state budget shortfalls and children are the ones losing out,” Doherty said.

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