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Volunteers with The Parent Child Center Teach Nutrition During Grocery Shopping Trip

From Chris Howell
TULSA, OK—The Parent Child Center was approached by a member of their staff recently about the prospect of having shopping skills taught to their clients.

‘One of the staff of one of my programs met some community volunteers recently who are passionate about healthy cooking, eating healthy food and what they call real food,’ said Jenny Kauffman with the Parent Child Center,’ and they want to share it with other families.’

The result was a grocery tour at Tulsa’s Gateway Market where Parent Child Center’s clients were shown how to purchase and eventually prepare nutritious, home-cooked meals for their families.

‘A lot of younger moms don’t know how to prepare foods from scratch,’ said Carrie Shepard, ‘they don’t know what a lot of the vegetables are anymore because they’ve grown up going through drive-thrus.’

After the shopping trip, which stressed buying unprocessed foods, the shoppers prepared a healthy lunch with the groceries they had bought.

To learn more about the Parent Child Center, visit their web site here.

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