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PCCT Client Satisfaction Survey 2015

The Client Satisfaction Survey was created by PCCT staff and administered in the summer of 2015 for clients in 2P and 3P programs. It’s purpose is to help show PCCT’s effectiveness for the Council on Accreditation and for PCCT internal Performance Quality Improvements efforts. Staff selected questions that would look at clients’ perceptions of the agency, their interactions with staff and if they were achieving the goals of the program.

The survey was optional and anonymous.

Once completed, the surveys were collected and the results sent to the University of Oklahoma for analysis.

Results were positive across all programs. PCCT plans to continue to administer a yearly Client Satisfaction Survey. For the next survey, we will select a new set of questions. With these results being so positive, we need something new with which to learn and grow.

View the PDF Presentation – PCCT Client Satisfaction Survey 2015 PP Presentation

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