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Karen Harvey PCCT’s 2015 Employee of the Year winner!

Karen Harvey came on board with the agency in 2011 as the Never Shake A Baby Coordinator. In a 4 year time span she has transitioned from being a Coordinator to an Infant Mental Health Therapist and was most recently promoted to Therapeutic Services Assistant Manager. One of the most difficult transitions a person can make in a work career is moving from being someone’s peer to someone’s supervisor and Karen was intuitive and thoughtful in how she handled this transition. She anticipated potential challenges that might arise and she did a wonderful job ensuring that her co-workers were comfortable in continuing to be themselves with her. She paid attention to the individual and to the team, and remained flexible and poised in adapting to her new role. She also had to navigate a transition with and for her clients even as she took on new responsibilities as a assistant manager. Even before the transition, she had experienced some tough and sad situations with clients, showing that she can handle any crisis with professionalism and compassion. She’s praised by her team for her ability to listen and remain open in times of conflict. She is known to always be available to those on her team as a sounding board and an advisor. She has played an important role in the implementation of Evolve in both testing and training. Her supervisors praise her for initiative and thoroughness. She brings so many different skills to the agency, volunteers to use her strengths to help others, and adds value in so many different processes time and time again. The agency is truly blessed to have her on our team and we are proud to name her 2015 Employee of the Year.​

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