The History of the Kids on the Block

It all started in 1977, when ten year old Anthony, who had cerebral palsy was adjusting to his neighborhood elementary school. The practice of inclusion or mainstreaming as it was then called, was new for the school and Anthony was having trouble adapting. Academically, he was doing well, but he complained that the children in his class would not talk to him because he was different. In order to help him, Anthony’s special education teacher created a puppet she named “Mark Riley,” to educate the kids in the classroom about cerebral palsy. After that, many things changed for Anthony and The Kids on the Block was launched.

Plans & Goals

At The Parent Child Center of Tulsa, child abuse prevention is tailored to meet the needs of the community. Our Kids On the Block educational puppet program offers a PATHWAY OF HOPE to elementary school students to equip them with knowledge and skills, and to empower them to seek help from trusted adults.

Meet the Puppets

Stephen Arthurs

Stephen is our abuse puppet. He has scars on his arm and face from his mom throwing dishes. She sent him to the hospital as a kid. He now is an advocate for abused kids and uses his history to relate and help others in his scenario. His mother is getting help and counseling and is doing much better. She was abused by her mother.

Eddy Franklin

Eddy is one of our main male puppets used for bullying shows. He gets bullied by Robbie Jenkins. He is friends with Claire and Melody.

Nguyen Huy Nam

Nam is used for abuse shows most often and is Stephens best friend. He is from Vietnam and suffers from severe ADHD.

Joanne Spinoza

Joanne is a friend of Stephens and offers him solace. She is hard on herself for her acne.

Robbie Jenkins

Robbie is known to behave like a bully. He picks on Eddy and is referred to as the bully in a lot of scripts.


Claire is one of our female puppets often used in Bullying shows. She usually gives words of wisdom to those who are being picked on.

Melody James

Mel Is often used for our bullying shows. She often provides helpful insight to friends who are getting bullied. Best friends with Brenda.


A purple platypus who helps kids learn how to keep themselves safe around Bad Strangers.

Brenda Dubrowski

Often used for our bullying shows. She is called names and made fun of due to her weight. She is best friends with Melody.

Puppeteer Biographies

Kurt Bennett

Kurt Bennett has been part of the Kids on the Block team since 2017. He spends most of his time working with students to help prevent bullying behaviors and promote healthy, safe schools.

Cynthia Carrasco

Cynthia was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended college at Tulsa Community College studying language. Cynthia has been doing Kids on the Block puppets shows for years and has always loved it. She is grateful for this agency and what she is able to do to help the community.