Tulsa Family Connects Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary! Congratulations from Jenny Fairchild, Director of Nursing

Tulsa Family Connects is celebrating the program’s First Anniversary!  Our team has been making post-partum home visits to families since October 1st, 2017, and what a learning experience it has been!  As Director of Nursing, I went into launching this program knowing that we would make a difference and begin to write a new narrative for what Tulsa families with newborns can expect to receive following baby’s delivery.  However, I didn’t anticipate the steep climb we would have to make to begin to reach our program goal of visiting 60% or more of eligible Tulsa County families.  Quality improvement efforts and creative thinking have been our best friends.  We have tweaked, and added, and taken away continually to perfect our operational processes…all in an effort to reach more families.
Our team has made 743 initial home visits, and 509 referrals to resources to meet needs. Our team has provided numerous in-services to various agencies and clinics about the Tulsa Family Connects program. We love to talk about the program and welcome the opportunity to talk to other groups in the coming year.  We are proud that Tulsa Family Connects is part of the Birth through Eight Strategy for Tulsa (BEST) which is a long-term initiative involving various agencies working together to help break the cycle of inter-generational poverty.  In early June, our team relocated to Legacy Plaza at 31st and Yale to co-office with other agencies serving young children as part of the Connect First collaborative which is phase one of BEST.  It’s rewarding to work alongside and learn from other teams with the same goals.
We look forward to visiting more and more families as we move into our second year as a program! As a reminder, Tulsa Family Connects provides FREE post-partum home visits to families whose babies are born at Hillcrest Medical Center and live in Tulsa County.  We provide education and support, while also connecting the family to any needed resources.
Happy Anniversary to the Tulsa Family Connects Team!

PCCT Nursing Team