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Shelter Outreach

This program was financed in whole or in part by funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as administered by the City of Tulsa.

Sometimes families find themselves feeling little or no hope. Imagine how you would feel if you could not provide your child’s basic needs…food, clothing and shelter. The stress of becoming a homeless family is overwhelming and places children at risk. Our primary focus is to increase safety for children and provide a nurturing environment at the Tulsa County Emergency Shelter through diffusing crisis situations, providing education, encouragement and support.

Crisis support services include group and individual parent education, counseling and children’s activities for the families residing at the shelter.

We provide information and group activities that focus on 13 core topics which include: Emotional Regulation, Discipline, Child Development, School Readiness, Nurturing, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem, Routine and Structure, Communication, Cultural Diversity, Safety, Health & Stress Management and Community Resources.

The PCC provides a master’s level professional on-site at the shelter. Volunteers are a critical part of the services provided. Many working professionals in addition to high school and college students find it a rewarding experience to volunteer to work with parents and children at our shelter program.

The PCC Youth Council (PCCYC) participates frequently in shelter activities. Some PCCYC members volunteer weekly, while other choose to assist with events such as monthly birthday celebrations for the children and or holiday parties.

Contact Carol Sartin, Volunteer Coordinator of The Parent Child Center of Tulsa for more information regarding volunteering at the shelter.

PCCYC at Shelter Outreach Holiday Party

Family photos on display at the 2011 Shelter Outreach Holiday Party