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Speaker’s Bureau

PCCT’s Outreach Department provides speaking presentations to professionals and organizations in the community. This service is offered by staff and volunteers of The Parent Child Center. These informative subjects are focused on helping families and children in our community.

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Outreach Department at 918.699.0537
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The topics cover such things as an overview of The Parent Child Center, what services we offer and how individuals and organizations can get involved; as well as presentations specifically for professionals on recognizing, preventing and treating child abuse and neglect.

Interested individuals may contact the Library/Outreach Department at 918.699.0537 to arrange a speaker.

Community Presentations:

Overview of The Parent Child Center of Tulsa
An overview of the mission, vision and services of this dynamic United Way agency, and its work to strengthen families to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect.

Volunteering at The Parent Child Center
We value our volunteers. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at PCCT and ways you can help.

Child Abuse and Neglect
Have you ever been concerned for a child’s safety and wondered what you could or should do? Learn when and how to take action to protect a child.

Stopping by Every Lemonade Stand
Based on the book by James Vollbracht, this presentation gives examples of simple things that each of us can do to nurture children in “our own little corner of the world”.

Ghosts from the Nursery
An Oklahoma teenager convicted of murder inspired a 10 year research project that traced the roots of violence. Learn how a child’s earliest relationships set the stage for the course of that child’s life and the implications for early education and intervention.

Within Our Reach
What works in human services? What are the characteristics of effective services that result in positive changes? Learn more about outcomes of the work of The Parent Child Center to prevent child abuse and neglect.

ACE Study
The landmark Adverse Childhood Experiences study at Kaiser Permanente reveals the direct relationship between early childhood trauma and later physical, mental and behavior health issues.

Kids on the Block
Find out the impact educational puppetry has on elementary school children. We will introduce you to the Kids on the Block puppets, their safety messages, and the letters kids write in response to these puppet characters and their life lessons.

The Period of Purple Crying
A new way to understand your baby’s crying. Did you ever think your baby would cry like this? Crying is normal. Learn what you can expect when your baby cries, and how to keep your baby safe.

Child Trauma
Presentation is related to the types of events that are traumatic in the lives of children, recognizing the symptoms and treatment of trauma in children.

Professional / Clinical Training:

Appropriate Behavior Expectations
Learn the importance of gearing expectations for children’s behavior to his/her developmental age and specific appropriate behavior expectations for children birth through 5 years.

Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect
Literature has helped us understand a great deal about the risk factors for abuse and neglect. Discuss what these factors are that place a family at greater risk, and how we can impact and break the intergenerational cycle of abuse that exists.

Treatment for Child Abuse & Neglect
Adult, child and family approaches to the treatment of abuse and neglect all acknowledge the importance of engaging the family as a system. These different approaches are discussed and outlined individually or as an overview of how they can work collaboratively.

The Important Effects of Parenting on Normal Development
The early relationship between a parent and child has a phenomenal impact on development. When this relationship is disrupted, significant delays can occur in varied ways for a developing infant or toddler.

The Unattached Child
Learn why a child who has been abused and/or neglected in the earliest years of their relationships can often experience attachment disruptions which profoundly impact their functioning and behavior.

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
In the state of Oklahoma, every citizen is mandated to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Learn how to recognize the signs that a child is at-risk, and how to go about reporting suspected abuse or neglect.

Positive Discipline
Learn positive ways to respond to misbehavior and techniques for preventing children from misbehaving.

Understanding Shaken Baby Syndrome
SBS is a form of abusive head trauma induced by violent shaking or shaking/impact. It can rob a child of a healthy, normal life and it is totally preventable.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
The trust and security developed in first relationships shape our perception of ourselves in the world. If we are to have optimal impact in creating healthy, productive future citizens, our work must focus on building healthy first relationships between parents and children.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Our Children’s Treatment Manager has specialized training in Autism Spectrum and other Communicative Disorders. She is available to speak to teachers, parents, and treatment providers regarding approaches to treatment and the special requirements for working with these children.