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Our Staff

What does it mean to work at PCCT?

“Working for PCCT means Empowering the lives of families in our community!” – Kristin

“It’s amazing to work with this incredible group of professionals who are so passionate about children. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than nurturing children. I am grateful every day for the amazing generosity of this community.” – Desiree

“I get to provide love and acceptance to new moms, hoping they will learn to do the same for their babies. I love working here.” – Karen

“I have found working with the entire family in the home is the best case scenario and creates the best chance for change. When the parent or child “gets it” – – that is the reward.” – Carol

“Being about to “fill the gap” between the needs of a client or a staff person with a caring and generous volunteer.” Carol S.

“Working with a group of professionals that are dedicated, hard working individuals who have compassion and empathy for families in crisis.” – Julie

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