Never Shake A Baby

Hospital outreach to parents of newborns, teaching them about normal infant behaviors, techniques to calm a crying baby and the dangers of shaking a baby.

The Never Shake A Baby program at The Parent Child Center of Tulsa is now reaching over 590 mothers of newborns each month in local hospitals in Tulsa County while simultaneously educating hundreds of fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers present during program delivery. Research shows that implementing the Period of Purple Crying curriculum reduces the likelihood that parents and other caregivers will shake their baby. The curriculum teaches infant soothing skills and caregiver stress management techniques, and helps a parent/caregiver identify someone to call in times of high stress and how to place baby in a safe place during periods of high crying. These steps reduce the chance that a baby will be shaken by a caregiver. Shaking a baby carries with it the risk of mild to severe brain trauma leading to impairment, harm and even death.

PCCT partners with hospitals in Tulsa County to deliver the Never Shake a Baby program to postnatal mothers, fathers, and other caregivers present at time of visitation. In 2011, the Never Shake a Baby hospital visitation program was presented to 2,228 birth mothers, 1,088 fathers, 706 other people present and 2,249 babies were represented (including births to multiples).

The NSB program is presented bed-side to parents and caregivers at area hospitals to families with newborns.  Parents receive a copy of the Period of Purple Crying DVD and an information packet with brochures on shaking baby syndrome, PCCT’s Great Beginnings program, and parenting information.  Currently, five area hospitals (Hillcrest South, St. John, St. Francis, Hillcrest, and OSU Medical) participate in the Never Shake A Baby program in Tulsa.  We deliver the NSB program to about 590 newborn caregivers in Tulsa County each month.

The NSB program also provides a community education component that is delivered to area high schools, community organizations, and other interested groups.  Over 1000 students in 12 area high schools and community organizations have participated in the NSB program since the community outreach began in the fall of 2011.

The Never Shake a Baby program also provides community education through local high schools, community organizations, and other entities presenting information regarding the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The services are provided by a Licensed Professional Nurses.


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